Surgery and hospitalisation


Our practice has two fully equipped theatres, a preparation room as well as a dedicated dental room and can carry out a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. This runs from routine neutering to more complex soft tissue and orthopaedic (surgery involving bones or joints) procedures.

The nursing staff assist the veterinary surgeons during procedures by monitoring each patient’s anaesthetic thoroughly both during their procedure, on recovery and throughout the rest of their stay. A variety of monitoring equipment is used during procedures including blood pressure monitoring, an “ap-alert” respiration monitor and pulse oximetry.

We have separate cat and dog wards, as well as an isolation ward for barrier nursing of contagious patients. Whether animals are day patients or being hospitalised on a longer term basis, the nursing team will monitor them throughout the day. This involves taking regular measurements of vital signs (heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature), monitoring intra-venous fluid therapy delivery rates, giving medication, feeding and general husbandry of the animals during their stay. As well as giving lots of love and TLC of course.

As a practice we do not offer inpatient care throughout the night for more intense cases. Our nursing team are present until 7.15pm and the duty nurse will then return to the clinic between 10-11pm to check any inpatients before the early nurse arrives at 7.45am. For more intensive cases animals are transferred to Emmview Complete Vet Care where a vet and nurse are present on site overnight.

We also care for a wide range of medical cases and have the facilities to run blood samples, use diagnostic imaging such as ultrasonography and carry out neurological exams.

To find out more please contact us or ask in practice.