Useful links

Support Dogs

Support Dogs is a national charity dedicated in helping increase independence of people with medical and physical conditions and improve their quality of life. They provide train and support specialist assistance dogs to achieve this. The dogs help with everyday tasks for people with physical disabilities, give advance warning of seizures for people with epilepsy and provide safety and support for children with autism.

As a veterinary practice we see clients with support dogs and see first hand the amazing work they do. We are very passionate about this charity and help in any way we can to raise money. Last year in 2015 we raised money for the Support Dogs by selling dog broaches and little bean bag toys. We also had a collection box which many of our generous clients put money in.

RSPCA Hants and Surrey Border branch

The RSPCA is one of the leading UK animal welfare charities. We work closely with our local branch and carry out their routine veterinary work.

Cats Protection

A project that we are closely involved with is ‘early kitten neutering’, an initiative involving multiple charities to help tackle the cat population crisis.


In 2013 Sally Hardie travelled to AfriCat, a big cat charity located in Namibia. This was to help the Namibian veterinary surgeons perform in-depth health examinations on both captive and wild big cats which included leopards, lions, cheetahs and caracals. These health checks included full body checks, taking blood and urine samples, vaccinating and treating for parasites. These vital checks and samples taken provide important baseline information for long-term studies and help AfriCat gain more knowledge in understanding big cats.

With amazing vets like Sally giving up there time volunteering for charities like AfriCat, we will hopefully be able to help and protect vulnerable animals all over the world.